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Celebrate Día de Muertos With KAH Tequila


Día de Muertos, Day of the Dead, comes once a year, but KAH means “life,” and life should be celebrated every day. That’s why we partnered with Alan Delgado, a Mexican-American chef formerly of Oxomoco and Xilonen in Brooklyn, New York, to show you how to make three Day of the Dead-inspired small plates to honor tradition, gather together, and celebrate lives lived. Each dish pairs with an expression of KAH Tequila, and you can try them all when you order KAH Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo directly to your home on Flaviar.

How can I download the recipes?

Get more instructions from Chef Alan and download each of the recipes on Mastercard Priceless Cities.


What do I need to know about KAH Tequila and Día de Muertos?

Read more about the Day of the Dead right here on our website, and visit our FAQs to learn how to drink tequila, the difference between different types of tequilas, and why Day of the Dead is celebrated for three days.

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